Comed-Noise-Stop INDUSTRY Comed-Noise-Stop


Comed-Noise-Stop INDUSTRY hearing protector

For industrial activities such as wood and metal processing and for hobbyists

Universal hearing protectors with a special acoustic filter. The acoustic filter reduces the noise to a safe level, which prevents hearing impairment whilst the user is still able to hear everything clearly. The soft and flexible fit made of durable medical material and the long model ensure that the hearing protectors can easily be inserted into or removed from the ear whilst at work.

The hearing protectors are supplied with a cleaning pin that can be used to remove any residual earwax from the hearing protector sound channel. The lanyard (included) can be fitted to the hearing protectors to prevent them from getting lost. The hearing protectors are supplied complete with instructions for use in a convenient carrying tube with a fastener.

Comed-Noise-Stop INDUSTRY Comed-Noise-Stop lanyard Comed-Noise-Stop cleaning pen

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