Comed Noise Stop models

Optimum protection against hearing impairment

The Comed-Noise-Stop SF is available in 3 models, each of which is attuned to the user's noise situation. The models are INDUSTRY, MUSIC & EVENTS and MOTOR. That means that there is always a universal hearing protector suitable for the user's environment. The Comed-Noise-Stop SF hearing protectors guarantee optimum hearing protection and have been tested by PZT Wilhelmshaven, Germany, and issued with the CE marking, certificate number: 831102.

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Comed-Noise-Stop MUSIC & EVENTS

Durable universal hearing protectors with an acoustic filter for music concerts and events involving noise. The short model provides an inconspicuous and comfortable fit in the ear.

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Comed-Noise-Stop INDUSTRY

Durable universal hearing protector with an acoustic filter for industrial activities. The long model makes it very easy to insert and remove the earplug whilst working. The lanyard (included) prevents the hearing protectors from getting lost.

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Comed-Noise-Stop MOTOR

Durable universal hearing protector with an acoustic filter to reduce wind noise on the motorcycle. The short model ensures a good fit under the helmet and comfort.

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